Titan Capspray 105 Hvlp Sprayer With Maxum Ii Gun

Titan Capspray 105 Hvlp Sprayer With Maxum Ii Gun

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The Titan Capspray 95 HVLP Sprayer is a a powerful 5-stage turbine unit that generates 10.5 PSI, easily atomizing thick latex or solvent-based paints, enamels or varnishes with little to no thinning

Features Sprays hard to atomize coatings with little or no thinningDual air filtration with an automotive type air filter and a pre-filter on the atomizing sideHigh transfer efficiency up to 90 Cup/gun holder gives you a convenient spot to stow the gun when not sprayingFilters are easily removed and replacedOn-board tool box for accessoriesIncludes Maxum Elite spray gun with 4 Proset needle kit for medium- to heavy-viscosity coatings

It runs off of an ordinary 15A, 120V household outlet and features an on-board circuit breaker and dirty filter warning light

It's a portable, lightweight all-in-one sprayer that requires little to no setup time

This is a professional level sprayer for large volume work that calls for a variety of light- and heavy-bodied coatings