Vermont Gage 252217310, Class X 6.5101

Vermont Gage 252217310, Class X 6.5101" - 7.0100" Master Setting Disc

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Vermont Gage, 252217310, Class X 6.5101" to 7.0100" Master Setting Disc, Chrome Plated Tool Steel, No-Go (1 member, Minus tolerance), Style I Master Disc with End Grips Use these Vermont Gage Master Setting Discs to calibrate your measuring equipment

Designed to satisfy traceability requirements of your quality control system, these masters are a must for your calibration lab and inspection areas

Features Bilateral /- tolerance NIST traceable Tool Steel 60/62 Rc Cold Stabilized Chrome Plated Tool Steel 70/72 Rc Round within 1/2 of tolerance Complete with end grips Marked with size and direction of tolerance on Master Setting Discs over 1.5100 quot Certificate of Accuracy included

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