Greenlee Ek1240Lx11, Ek1240Lx 12 Ton Crimper, Li-Ion

Greenlee Ek1240Lx11, Ek1240Lx 12 Ton Crimper, Li-Ion

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Greenlee, EK1240LX11, EK1240LX 12 Ton Crimper, Li-Ion, Standard, 120V Charger Features Equipped with Bluetooth™ Communication enabled via the Greenlee Gator Eye app

Features LED display screen communicating pressure and battery levels as well as tool diagnostics with real-time tool feedback

Intelligent Crimping System Technology includes a pressure sensor that monitors the crimping force of each crimp and provides the operator a visual and audible alert if the force is belows specifications State of the art 18V lithium ion Li-ion battery provides 70 more cycles per charge and faster cycle times Automatic Retraction Stop ARS which retracts the ram just enough to get ready for the next cycle saving time and energy LED light provides the operator with the battery charge and tool maintenance status Two-stage hydraulic system provides fast advance and power speeds, saving time

Patents 6, 206, 663 and 6, 065, 326

The outer layer is black and the inner layer is red